Organizacja poczęstunku dla bliskich

Profesjonalne przygotowanie przyjęcia konsolacyjnego dla rodziny.

Wakes and farewell reception in Gdańsk

Wakes are traditional dinners organized after the funeral of our loved ones, which have been known for centuries. Nowadays, they are receptions held in a family setting, which serve as a farewell to the deceased person and are also an expression of gratitude for the mourners’ memory.

The organization of a wake in Gdańsk or the surrounding areas will also be an opportunity for a family gathering in a wide circle – this is often an occasion for the meeting with family we haven’t seen for a long time. Wakes in Gdańsk are often held in restaurants – a good choice for those who want to leave its preparation to the professionals.

Organization of a wake in Złoty Staw

The organization of a funeral and the emotions associated with the ceremony often make it impossible to prepare a wake for the family on your own. In this case, we recommend organizing the wake in Złoty Staw, where we will guarantee you a peaceful and intimate atmosphere, not forgetting about the culinary side of the ceremony.

Our facility has a number of conveniences that will make the organization of the wake go very smoothly. We are located on the edge of Gdańsk, yet having good and quick connection. The air-conditioned banquet hall can seat up to 160 guests. We also have accommodation in our hotel, so we are able to provide overnight stay for mourners traveling from further corners of Poland.